When you have 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Chris Pratt guest hosting your season premiere of 'SNL,' you find time for a Marvel sketch. Much like how the show poked fun at 'The Avengers' when Jeremy Renner hosted, this episode found a very game Pratt participating in an amusing fake movie trailer that not only made fun of his space opera blockbuster, but Marvel Studios in general.

The basic gist of the scene is that Marvel, having ushered an obscure comic book series to a $300 million gross, has unlimited power and can make whatever movies it wants because everyone is going to see them whatever they are. What follows is a series of scenes that mimic the now-famous shot in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' trailer where the team walks down a corridor while "Hooked on a Feeling" blares in the background.

The jokes start simple enough (if you liked 'Guardians,' you'll surely enjoy 'Creatures of the Cosmos'!), but they get increasingly weird, with new Marvel movies like 'Bus People,' 'Pam,' and 'Fancy Ghosts' getting announced. And, of course, each new crew is led by Pratt, adopting that familiar Peter Quill swagger.

Of course it culminates with Pratt dressed as Princess Leia. Where else did you expect it to go?