If the Elf on the Shelf doesn't get your kids to behave, then maybe it's best to summon the pre-eminent authority on being naughty and nice, like this woman did.

A mother decided to take the threatening old school route when she sent a letter to her daughter, Lydia, from Santa, telling her to shape up so she can move off the dreaded naughty list. The letter made its way from the North Pole, onto Reddit and into the frightened heart of a little girl who probably doesn't want to screw up Christmas for herself.

Santa isn't messing around here. He demands the girl stop hitting her sister, talking back to her parents and cleaning her room. Lest Lydia thinks jolly Saint Nick is kidding around, he warns her that he's watching on the cameras in the house. Ouch.

Who knew Santa could come down so hard? Although, to be fair, this is a pretty stressful time of year for Mr. Kringle, so you can't totally blame him for trying to lay down the law.

sgtpnkks, Reddit