Not every town in Wisconsin has anything close to a chill vibe.

Every state has a few towns who just seem to think they're better than anyone else. These are the places that have stores that you visit and the price tags are all through the roof. The restaurants are fancy, the houses are huge, and everyone you meet seems to be in a different tax bracket.

Iowa and Illinois both have cities that fit that description, and apparently, so does Wisconsin.

The Snobbiest Town In Wisconsin


RoadSnacks crunched the numbers to come up with a list of the top 10 "snobbiest" place in Wisconsin. They analyzed 141 of the state's most populated towns (over 5,000 residents) based off of these metrics:

  • Percent of the population with higher education
  • Median income
  • Median house price
  • Cost of living

So here are the top 3 snobbiest towns in Wisconsin, according to those stats.

#3. Elm Grove

Elm Grove is in Waukesha County and was named America's best suburb by Business Insider in 2014.

  • Population: 6,456
  • % Highly Educated: 65.0%
  • Median Income: $115,459
  • Median Home Price: $412,800

#2. Mequon

Mequon is a suburb of Milwaukee that sits on the western shore of Lake Michigan. As far as land area goes, it's the 3rd largest city in Wisconsin.

  • Population: 24,814
  • % Highly Educated: 70.0%
  • Median Income: $135,425
  • Median Home Price: $402,900
City of Mequon, Wisconsin Facebook
City of Mequon, Wisconsin Facebook

#1. Whitefish Bay


And coming in at number 1 is Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin in Milwaukee County.

  • Population: 14,818
  • % Highly Educated: 81.0%
  • Median Income: $134,324
  • Median Home Price: $410,300
Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation Facebook
Whitefish Bay Civic Foundation Facebook

As far as the whole state of Wisconsin goes, they rank fairly high in the U.S. for this. RoadSnacks measured Wisconsin is the 19th snobbiest state in the U.S.

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