Followers of Kwik Star on social media have been excited. For over a week, the brilliant marketing team has been teasing their loyal customers and the internet about a new product coming to stores.

Kwik Star, the La Crosse, Wisconsin-based family-owned convenience store chain, which has almost 900 stores in IowaIllinoisWisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota and Minnesota, has finally revealed the new treat hitting the shelves very soon.

The gas station chain is not new to national attention. Just last year, Kwik Star earned the award of the best gas station in America by USA Today. The customer service, food, and viral treats are just a few reasons it deserved that award.

Kwik Trip, Facebook
Kwik Trip, Facebook

It's so hard to walk into a Kwik Star and not leave without some cheesy breadsticks, a Big Buddy, and a Tornado. I'm drooling thinking about it right now. Kwik Star's fried chicken is also something to dream about. But Kwik Star donuts are in a league of their own.

Last year, they sold 38,099,636 Glazers and over 9 million Blueberry Dunker Donuts. Speaking of those dunkers are at the center of this reveal.

Earlier this week, Kwik Star announced that coming to stores soon and for a limited time are the new Blueberry Dunker-flavored URGE potato chips to their stores.

This is the first donut-inspired chip. In 2019, Kwik Star launched Glazers-flavored chips, which was a hit amongst their guests and followers. Blueberry Dunker Chips will begin shipping to stores this weekend (May 18th).

I'm ready to try these new  Blueberry Dunker Chips. If they could also bring back the Glazer ones for the summer, that would be great too.

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