One Illinois man has cooked up a scheme to keep people out of his house.

You can use a lot of things to defend yourself if someone broke into your house. You'd get resourceful really quick. According to NBC Chicago, a man from Logan Square chased an intruder out of his house using an unusual weapon: a frying pan.

Police say a 33-year-old man entered the man's house in the 3400-block of West Parker. There was a "scuffle" (as one would expect) and the intruder was hit with something very hard. Then you see the Nest camera video showing the homeowner chasing the man out of his house then you hear loud pounding sounds off camera.

The intruder runs back across the camera, trying to get into a neighboring gate, but not before officers get to him. The frying pan-wielding homeowner chased the intruder across the street.

So the defense weapon of choice here did appear to be effective. I wouldn't want to get smacked with a frying pan.

Watch the wild Nest footage here:

The homeowner refused medical treatment at the time. As for the intruder, he was taken to the hospital in good condition. Charges against him are still pending.

It's a very "Tangled" form of defense but it worked. The guy left his house quite quickly. If you're more techy, there are a lot of "Intruder Alert" settings you can pick on your Amazon Alexa. My favorite one is when it turns off all the lights and plays "Let the bodies hit the floor". That would get someone out really quick too.

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