The City of Platteville has announced the unfortunate closure of the Platteville Family Aquatic Center (PFAC) due to significant structural damage. This news comes as the community was eagerly preparing for the 2024 swim season. The PFAC, a longstanding symbol of summer fun and community togetherness, experienced catastrophic cracking in its walls, floor, and decking as it was being filled for the season.

Causes of the Closure

Credit: City of Platteville
Credit: City of Platteville

Engineers and technical experts have identified the root cause of the damage as prolonged leakage issues. For years, the pool suffered from significant water loss due to cracks and broken pipes. Parks and Recreation Director Robert Lowe noted that maintenance efforts last year aimed to seal these cracks and repair the pipes, stopping the annual loss of millions of gallons of water. However, the long-term seepage had already compromised the subsurface and foundation of the pool.

Credit: City of Platteville
Credit: City of Platteville

City Manager Clint Langreck expressed the collective disappointment over the pool's closure, acknowledging that the PFAC had already exceeded its anticipated lifespan despite multiple upgrades.

Credit: City of Platteville
Credit: City of Platteville

Financial constraints delayed comprehensive studies needed to fully understand the pool's subsurface conditions, and the recent filling of the pool confirmed the deteriorated state of the subsurface. With the pool now unsafe and unable to circulate water, it has been officially closed.

Immediate Plans and Alternatives in Platteville for 2024

Despite this setback, the city is working diligently with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville (UWP) to ensure a fun summer for families.

Swim Lessons:

  • First Session: The UWP facility will be closed for the first session, and full refunds will be issued to those enrolled.
  • Sessions 2, 3, and 4: These sessions are tentatively scheduled to take place at the UWP facility. Dates will be confirmed in the next few days, and refunds are available upon request for those who prefer them.
Child jump underwater into swimming pool

Swim Team:

  • Practices will begin on June 17th at the UWP facility.
  • The team will participate in the SWC, a local summer swim conference.
  • While home meets are uncertain, they may be hosted at the UWP facility.
  • Coach Miller will contact parents with updates once plans are confirmed.

Swim Passes:

  • Full refunds will be issued to season pass holders, as the quality of service cannot be upheld.

Zumba Classes:

  • Full refunds will be issued for Zumba classes, as they cannot be hosted this summer. For alternative class opportunities, please contact Krissy at

What's Next for Platteville?

City Manager Langreck emphasized gratitude towards the many supporters of the PFAC and urged the community to look forward to planning the pool's future.

"We are now in a position of thanking the many donors, volunteers, staff members, and families for their continued support of the pool and starting the conversation of, 'What do we want to do next?'"

-Clint Langreck, City Manager

According to a Facebook post, Recreation and Community Events Coordinator Adam Bartels is exploring options with UWP to use their pool facilities for swim lessons, team practices, and open swim opportunities. This collaboration aims to retain staff and continue community programming during this transitional period.

For further updates and information regarding the Platteville Family Aquatic Center, residents are encouraged to stay tuned to formal announcements from city officials. The City of Platteville remains committed to finding long-term solutions and continuing to provide valuable recreational opportunities for the community.

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