A plan is being put in place by law enforcement leaders in Illinois that focuses on how they can arrest hundreds of people in one day, what are they planning for? Here are the details you need to know...

According to an article from ABC Chicago, the Chicago PD is preparing for what they call a "mass arrest situation" where they may have to arrest hundreds and hundreds of people if protestors get unruly during the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August. Chicago PD is in charge of the security outside of the Democratic National Convention and they are preparing for as many as 40,000 protestors near or around the event.

In the article, they say "Police said as many as 3,000 officers will be specially trained to deal with potential civil unrest...The head of the Secret Service was in Chicago on Tuesday talking about security preparations for the Democratic National Convention." The article goes on to mention how the Secret Service is actually in charge of the security inside of the Democratic National Convention being held at the United Center in Chicago, for more details on this story, click here!

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Plan for the Worst & Hope for the Best

I'm glad to hear that the police are preparing for all possible scenarios this August when the Democratic National Convention comes to the Windy City. Obviously, none of us want to see the protestors get violent but with the political climate the way it is right now, and recent clashes between left activists setting up encampments on college campuses and police, it would be naive for Chicago PD not to be ready for unruly behavior. All eyes will be on how Chicago can handle this massive event, hopefully, the city will shine.

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