Amazon is on a MAJOR hiring spree nationwide, and they are making a MASSIVE hiring investment here in the Land of Lincoln, these are the details we know so far...

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According to FOX 32 Chicago, Amazon will bring over 9,000 jobs to Illinois just in time for the holiday season. On the site, they say...

"Amazon... will be hiring 250,000 employees throughout the U.S. for the holiday season in full-time, seasonal, and part-time roles across its operations network, and more than 9,000 of those positions will be in Illinois. Numerous positions and roles will be filled including packing and picking to sorting and shipping. Customer fulfillment and transportation employees can earn, on average, over $21 per hour for those roles, and up to $28 depending on location."

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Woah... a quarter of a million jobs across the country is a huge investment in jobs, especially from a company that seems like they are all about having robots take over and cutting down on their workforce. I will say it makes sense though, the holidays are huge for Amazon, they need to make as much money as possible during the shopping season and if they don't have the people in the warehouses organizing, packaging, and shipping those items then they could stand to lose big time. What will be interesting to me to find out is how many of the 250,000 jobs are legit full-time, year-round employment, and how many of them are just purely seasonal. I know many people love extra seasonal work but with everyone hiring extra seasonal work Amazon may struggle to find enough people.

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