Stevie Nicks said that there's "no chance of putting Fleetwood Mac together" following the 2022 death of Christine McVie.

"Without Christine, no can do," Nicks recently told Mojo. "There is no chance of putting Fleetwood Mac back together in any way. Without her, it just couldn’t work."

McVie's last performance with Fleetwood Mac occurred in 2019 when the band concluded a tour without longtime member Lindsey Buckingham, who was ousted from the group in 2018. The band went on the road with Crowded House guitarist Neil Finn former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers member Mike Campbell.

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Nicks told Mojo that news of McVie's death came as a surprise. "It was all stunningly strange because there wasn’t any lead-up to it," she said. "We got a call, and I was going to rent a plane and go see her, but her family said, ‘Don’t come, because she may not be here tomorrow.’ And the next day, she passed away.

"I wanted to go there and sit on her bed and sing to her – which definitely would have made her pass away faster," she joked. "But I needed to be with her. And I didn’t get to do that. So that was very hard for me. I didn’t get to say goodbye."

Why Can't Fleetwood Mac Tour in 2024?

McVie, who joined Fleetwood Mac in 1971 after playing with the band on earlier records, retired from performing with the group between 1998-2014. She and Buckingham reunited in 2017 for an album, but he was out of Fleetwood Mac the following year, reportedly because longtime differences with Nicks finally came to a head.

Nicks addressed a possible farewell tour with Fleetwood Mac, including Buckingham, with Mojo, but noted that even if everyone agreed to it, Buckingham's health issues over the past few years may prevent such a run. (Buckingham had open-heart surgery in 2019 following a heart attack. He's since released another solo album and has toured .)

"Even if I thought I could work with Lindsey again, he’s had some health problems," she said. "It’s not for me to say, but I’m not sure if Lindsey could do the kind of touring that Fleetwood Mac does, where you go out for a year and a half. It’s so demanding."

Nicks, meanwhile, is wrapping up her spring tour in Chicago this week before heading overseas for some dates in Glasgow, London and Amsterdam. Fans can expect plenty of songs from her old band, she said.

"Fleetwood Mac is all over my set," she noted. "Now that there is no more Fleetwood Mac, that opens the door for me to do other songs, like 'The Chain,' that I’ve never done [solo]. I will keep the music of Fleetwood Mac alive, for as long as I can."

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