It's not always easy to keep your car clean, especially in the winter. Whether it's rainy, muddy roads or snow and ice, our cars take a beating. The springtime is no exception often referred to as the 'mud season' with rain or snow melt causing wet roads for days and days.

Yes, gas stations are equipped with squeegees to wash our windows even if we don't feel like dropping the bucks for a drive-thru car wash or a do-it-yourself one so there's that so absolutely take advantage.

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According to The U.S. Sun, driving around with dirty car windows is unsafe. Reduced visibility on any window whether it's your windshield, one of your side windows, or your back window is impacting your visibility.

Dirty car window and wash me sign. Shallow depth of the field.

Even partially clean windows aren't completely safe. And it's not just windows. Dirty headlights, rear lights, and license plates that hinder those safety features can warrant a traffic stop with a warning and even a citation if the law enforcement official chooses to.

I was pulled over when my bike rack was partially covering my license plate. The officer just gave me a warning however it was a lesson learned.

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According to Motor Biscuit, various laws on the books around the country state that all drivers should have a clear and unobstructed view while driving, and dirty windows fall into that category.

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Some instances are far more extreme than others so just being aware in general is important. Chances are you will be annoyed at your lack of visibility on your own, feeling unsafe, and clean your windows immediately anyway.

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