On a recent episode of the Pretty Basic podcast with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz, influencer Brooke Schofield delved into that time she discovered that her boyfriend was seemingly living a lie.

Schofield, known for her friendship and content with controversial YouTuber Tana Mongeau, dated musician Clinton Kane in 2022.

The singer has had several viral hits thanks to TikTok, including "Chicken Tendies," which he claimed on the Zach Sang Show in July 2022 was written about the death of his mother.

Except, allegedly, he "faked the death of his entire family," according to Schofield.

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"I was dating a singer. He was someone who I was a fan of. He had these beautiful love songs," Schofield explained on the podcast.

"He had just lost his mom, dad, brother all in the same year, so I was like, 'God, this man's been through so much,'" she continued.

But "five or six months" into their relationship, she discovered that he apparently wasn't who he said he was.

In addition to lying about his family's deaths, he was also allegedly "pretending to be Australian."

Schofield claimed that she found out about the singer's lies after he went on the Zach Sang Show and later tried to have his manager get the video interview deleted, which she found "strange."

The influencer said that she watched the interview and noticed comments from people claiming to have been high school classmates with Kane.

She said multiple people claimed that Kane was "not from Australia, we don't know where this accent came from, [and] also I saw his mom yesterday."

A comment from one of his alleged high school classmates is still up on YouTube.

"I went to school w/ Clinton and I know for a fact that he grew up in Brunei. We went to a school called Seri Mulia Sarjana for both our primary and secondary education. Soo.... Not sure where this Australian accent came from. Additionally, I knew of his mom and brother back when I was younger (15-16) and I know for a fact that they are alive and well," the person wrote.

"How do you think that no one was gonna find out?" Schofield said about the fact that the singer went on such a popular show.

"Obviously, I did the research. I looked his mom up and I cross-checked... She hadn't posted since before she was supposed to have died. So I was like, 'Oh, maybe she's dead.' Not that I wanted her to be dead, but..." she went on.

Schofield explained that she checked all of the woman's friends' posts on Facebook and noticed that she was allegedly liking recent posts that were dated after she was said to have died.

"Those are some good FBI skills," Cruz noted.

"He told me he grew up in an eight-bedroom house on the beach in Australia and he grew up super rich and they had nannies and maids and all this stuff and like none of that was even close to being true," Schofield continued.

She also claimed that Kane's stories kept changing, including the way his mom allegedly died, which was in "like three different ways."


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