A man on Reddit is feeling conflicted after his 11-year-old stepdaughter's biological father got upset that she called him her "dad."

"I’ve been married to my wife for [three] years now, together for [four]. I met her daughter [Millie] when she was 7 and married my wife when she was 8 ... My wife got divorced when Millie was 6, her ex cheated. But they still have a decent cordial relationship and my wife doesn’t badmouth Millie’s bio dad in front of Millie," he wrote, adding his wife has full custody and the little girl spends one weekend a month with her dad.

"Millie loves her bio dad, but they are not very close anymore. She doesn’t remember a lot of when her dad lived with her, and she doesn’t see him often, so it’s more of a formal relationship. He gets her ice cream and they watch movies and basically she has a lot of fun when she sees him, but I’m the dad who comforts her when she has nightmares and listens to her chatter every day about the stuff that happened in school. I love her very much and think of her as my daughter," he continued on Reddit.

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Until recently, Millie had been referring to her stepdad by his first name. "I didn’t mind, but a few weeks ago she told me her friends said it was weird that she doesn’t call her dad 'dad,'" he shared, adding it made Millie feel "awkward."

"I sympathized and said that sucks, then I told her that if she wants, she can of course call me dad. I didn’t think about this very much, it just seemed obvious. But she was very happy and now she only calls me daddy," he continued.

However, when the little girl's biological father came over for Thanksgiving and overheard Millie call her stepfather "dad," he was furious.

"He got really angry and started screaming at me, saying that I’m not her dad and she should know that. Later my wife was upset with me, saying I should have thought about how Millie’s relationship with her 'real' dad would suffer before I told Millie something like this. She says I’m selfish and just want to feel like her real dad, and even if Millie doesn’t call me dad it’s not a big deal," the man concluded.

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Users in the comments tried to comfort the man, with many suggesting he be more concerned about his stepdaughter's feelings then her biological dad's.

"Is anyone taking into account how Millie feels? She wants to call you dad. You’re just as much, if not more of a dad than her 'real' dad. Maybe you could’ve run it by your wife to let her know, but it’s not some end of the world thing. If Millie wants to call two people her dad, then no one should stop her," one person wrote.

"Maybe next time don't invite her biological dad over for holidays. FYI, your wife is the one to blame for not supporting you, or even hearing the whole story before defending her ex," another chimed in.

"Your wife should be super happy that you and her daughter have such a deep relationship and she sees you as a [second] dad. That is honestly the best case scenario anyone can wish for who has children and goes into a new relationship, although I do get the bio dad seeing he got blindsided so you can't really blame him but your wife should have definitely listened you out and understand the situation and that you were not the one instigating it," someone else commented.

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