Meet Sheri
Sheri Lynch is an award-winning broadcaster, the author of two best-selling books, and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work.
Meet Bob
Bob Lacey gave up the opportunity to be a big-time TV star to be radio partners and BFFs with Sheri Lynch.
Meet Max
Max Sweeten is still trying to figure out how he got roped into this.
Meet Todd
Todd Haller is a radio producer and superstar baseball/cheer dad.
Meet Lamar
Lamar Richardson was a regular caller to Bob & Sheri early on. He was always ready with witty lines.
Meet Jim
Jim Szoke is an NFL broadcaster who brings a unique take on sports to the show with “Sports Confuse Me”.
So…Beatles or Stones?
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones have been tied together for almost the entire history of both bands.  There's always been an argument about who's the better band, but there's never been a way to actually answer that question...until Monday night!

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